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Heartland Health Fund – Kroger Members only


Open enrollment for Health Benefits concerning the Kroger Meat and Clerk Agreements is November 12, 2018 – December 16, 2018. You must enroll for 2019 medical coverage even if you completed a wellness passport. Important: Please make sure you update Your address with Express HR. 

Forms need to be completed whether you decide to elect coverage or decline coverage.

Forms may be mailed, faxed, emailed or you may enroll by phone. Contact information listed below:

Direct Line: 937-665-1900

Toll Free: 800-433-1204

Fax: 937-665-0900

Email: admin@ufcwbenefitpln.com

Website: heartlandwellnessfund.com 

Other Contact information:

Anthem: Find a Doctor: 800-810-2583 (press 2 then 1)

Dental Dental: Find a Dentist: 800-524-0149

Vision Service Plan (VSP): Find an eye care professional: 800-877-7195

Kroger Prescription Plan (KPP): 800-575-7712 (press 2)

Health Fitness confirm receipt of wellness passport: 800-309-5708 (press 1)